Film-maker, editor, sound-recordist with practice and theory based training in Fine Art/Film


Western society has developed itself into a system that ensures it stays in a permanent state of confusion. Psychological analysis of the consciousness became a tool for those in power to control the inner-self of the masses. The places we lived in were rebuilt to promote the habit of consumption. A fracture emerged between people and their surroundings. It corroded their understanding of identity, a clarity lost in the expanse between presence and memory.

Fears surrounding issues of success, money, and identity drove Ben to spend two and half years working towards a degree in Advertising. His life spent under a neo-liberal government being a further formative experience, alongside his upbringing in the conservative South East of England have driven him to search for something other, something sustained.

Ben seeks this other in edge-lands, peripheries, absence and, in turn, those places that are more immediate.

He creates films, which for him are propositions made between moving images. The outcome effected through narrative and subject, time and perception is an ambiguous, unsettling one.

His practice is research led, incorporating community engagement, exploration of place, literature and strands of history. Uniting people and their surroundings, he embeds himself in the habit and nuance of the everyday, home life, and work life; an interaction between person and place.Unearthing the residues of the processes individuals and places are beholden to. Relationships are thus sought with people who exist outside of the art climate, whilst actively pursuing concerns of the avant-garde himself.

A relationship with time is catalysed through an ambiguous blend of documentary, narrative and fiction. The filmic process is an organic one where the act of shooting can dictate the direction. Editing begins with the camera in hand. Chance encounters have a weight. As a working, value creating member of society he searches for humanity from where it has withdrawn, in an alienating, passive, market driven world.


2019-2021 [Application under review]

MA Film and Television: Research and Production

University of Birmingham


BA (Hons) Fine Art with approved year abroad

1 year at Marmara University, Istanbul, courses in Film and Photography

University of Kent


Advertising with Marketing Communications - Certificate in Higher Education

Bournemouth University


Travel, research and production in Argentina, Chile, Italy, Germany, Tanzania, Zanzibar and UK



Platform Graduate Award

1 of 9 graduates selected to exhibit work at the Turner Contemporary

'Hoo' and 'Untitled' screened



Founding member of the student collective organising various events and exhibitions in the local region. Winner of various grants and awards


Degree Show

'Hoo' screened throughout the exhibition

University of Kent


51zero Voyager - The Other Side of Here

'Untitled' selected and screened at Maison de l’Art et de la Communication

Sallaumines, Lens, France




'Untitled' screened

University interim exhibition, Bay Furniture, Gillingham



The Playground Collaborative

Founding member and curator

University exhibition, Sun Pier House, Chatham



Twenty14 Presents: The Loft

University exhibition, Sail and Colour Loft, Chatham Historic Dockyard