Within, without

Within, without

July 2020

Fictional short-film - 04:39 minutes

'Within, without' follows a fictional character who is unable to live how she would like to in a place that is unfamililar. Details of ordinary corners of her flat describe a life without community, but with humans not far away. Through her difficulties, the protagonist shows that something can be gained from a different type of engagement, even if the path and outcome is not without it's problems.

Layering of images, shafts of light and streaming shadows combine to articulate the beauty in her everyday. Light and composition construct a world of dreams and interiors, utilising conventions of essayfilm and the poetic. A couple of moments take on unexpected significance and offer her hope. One involving a Bee establishes itself as the residing metaphor in the context of her story. As much as the protagonist is attempting to find peace, her ability to do so is continually hampered by restrictions that are in and outside of herself.

Featured on a Midlands Movies article, a spotlight feature they ran on me and the three films I made between June-July 2020.

Selected to be shown at Oddball Space's Locked Down virtual exhibition, August-October 2020.

Selected to be screened at Exploding Cinema's virtual November 2020 screening, where I also took part in the Q&A.