Within, without

July 2020

04:39 minutes

The film follows a fictional character ruminating on moments that have taken on a greater significance. A poetic, essayistic narrative is woven that utilises light and technical composition to construct a claustrophobic, dream-like world. Layering of images, shafts of light and shadows combine to articulate the beauty of the everyday but the confines of the character's life are affecting her ability to live how she would like too.

A visualisation of James Joyce's The Dead (Dubliners)


02:00 minutes

A short-film using an excerpt from Joyce's The Dead, the final short story in the 1914 collection Dubliners.

Filmed and edited by Ben and Lhasa Peng (also the protagonist).



39:24 minute 2-channel film

The London Stones, are a series of posts standing beside the Thames and Medway rivers, marking the City of London’s jurisdiction. The Hoo Peninsular is the piece of land sitting in between the estuaries of these two rivers. It’s existence has been at the expense of it’s brooding relative upstream, examples of this fractured relationship dot the landscape and it’s history. The film attempts to uncover the alienation Hoo has been exposed to, whilst weaving a grand, ambiguous narrative, unsettling a clarity between person and place.

Hoo was created during a period of deep engagment with the peninsular and produced alongside Wetlands, a multiple grant-winning project founded by Ben and Nadia Perrotta that was shortlisted for a regional-award. It was shot on location and edited by Ben, in collaboration with a number of people.

07.46 minute video excerpt

Screened at:
Platform Graduate Award,  Turner Contemporary, 2015
Wetlands, 2015
Degree Show, Chatham History Dockyard, University of Kent, 2015



42:04 minute 2-channel film

Large metropolitan sprawls have many forms of movement, work and habit. These patterns can allow us to move freely, they may offer simpler journeys, but they also fracture our connection with the places we populate.  Through a detailed study of time in a city, ’Untitled’ questions the structure of such places, the common surroundings we are beholden to, and the way we see.

Filmed on location in Istanbul, in collaboration with others.

07.16 minute video excerpt

Screened at:
Platform Graduate Award, Turner Contemporary, 2015
51zero Voyager - The Other Side of Here, Maison de l’Art et de la Communication, Sallaumines, Lens, France, 2015
Showroom, Bay Furniture, Gillingham, 2014

Kings Hill


A film made responding to the troubling gap between the place's false promise and the reality of living inside Kings Hill, a new town in Kent, England. Ben made use of his growing interest in psychogeography, situationism and the flanêur to create a film colliding someones personal explorations against a mock-advertisement.


05:00 minutes

A showreel of clips from 4 films. Longer excerpts and full-films can be found on here and youtube.

00:00 - 00:53 'Within, without', 2020

00:55 - 01:51 'Untitled', 2014

01:53 - 02:35 'James Joyce visualisation', 2019

02:37 - 05:00 'Hoo', 2015